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Mamanucas & Viti Levu

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Surf vacation in Fiji!

Phenomenal swells and a wonderful sea are waiting for you!

The 322 islands of Fiji represent the symbol of the dream of a surf trip. A magical archipelago of white sand and tropical vegetation surrounded by a coral reef with heavy tubes for hardcore surfers. Most of the waves break into the reef of the Mamanucas island group on the west side of the main island, Vitu Levu. Book your surf trip to Fiji now!

The only wave that hasn’t been discovered is the rare Sigitoka Dunes beachbreak . Most of the waves in Fiji are lefts, with some rights. Surf campsites and access to the waves by boat make these islands an expensive but unique surfing experience.

Tavarua Island is a must-see place to go in the 21st century for surf travel where luxurious accommodation and exclusive access to Cloudbreak’s incredible lefts make it one of the most renowned places. It is possible that you have to pay to ride certain waves. According to Fijian tribal law, the islands belong to the chief, including its waves. In Tavarua the waves rights in Restaurants were raised for island development projects. This allowed the surf camp to claim exclusive rights from Restaurant in a very controversial manner. Cloudbreack , which is not owned by the campsite, is impossible for non-guests to surf due to heavy applications (except for Saturdays). Restaurants is the best thanks to its perfect lefts with long tubes, but it doesn’t work often. Cloudbrack is the wave fighting for “the best left in the world”. It is inconsistent but when it works it keeps waves even much higher than 2m.

North of Namotu Island, there is Wilkes Pass which is a long and fast wave that work better at high tide. Like all right-handed Fijians, this one is also very sensitive to SE trade winds. Rainy and glassy days are best for surfing, especially in spots like Swimming Pools, a more relaxed right to the south. The most serious waves can be found in Namotu Left , especially when waves reach 8ft. However, they are greater than in Tavarua. When other places are flat it’s worth checking out Desperate’s peak. When the swell is large, it breaks another wave at Momi Bay : the right of the lighthouse is generally offshore. Natadola is a beautiful beach resort with shorebreaks suitable for bodysurfing. Lulu Bend is another spot worth checking out at high tide. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes offer 5km of beachbreak in stunning empty landscape.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureFunky Fish Beach & Surf Resort HostelGecko ResortShalini Garden Hotel & Apartments
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 294€ 462€ 284


Fiji is blessed with one of the best swell landscape in the world. For the Mamanucas group, the largest swell resource comes from southwest, generated by the low pressure in the Tasmanian sea. Although New Zealand may block the direction of these swells, the prevalence of low pressures heading east, providing Fiji with smaller S-SE swells, predominantly 3-15ft;  from March to November is the best period. Although these swells work all year round, the rainy season (from December to February) receives smaller and less constant swells from N-NE with a range of 2-6ft. During the summer (from November to March) winds are generally weaker and they blow from Southeast and Northeast. The NE wind arrives offshore in the Mamanucas. The trade winds increase slightly in strength from May to November and they blow from the southeast. The prevalence of the spots are cross / offshore all year round. Almost all the spots break on a rather shallow seafloor and due to this, they are dangerous at low tide.

How to get there : 30 days of visa. Centrally located in the South Pacific, Fiji is a major gateway for trans-Pacific flights. Nadi Airport is closer to Mamanucas than Suva. Departure fees are high and amount to around £ 40. If you decide to stay in Tavarua Surf Camp during the high season, book in advance.

Getting around : Most people stay in one of the resorts, which also provide airport transfers. Most of the outer reefs can be reached by boat $ 50rtn per person. You should book an all-inclusive trip. Local buses are cheap and safe. Car rental is £ 300 / w and not really necessary.

Accommodation and food : Expensive !! Surfing in Fiji has become an impossible dream. In total, the amount that you may spend in a day is around $ 150. Namotu resort costs a little less than $ 135 per day. Plantation and Natadola in Vitu Levi are expensive places. The budget doesn’t include the boat. Try The Seashell Cove for $ 35 per day or Club Masa for $ 40 per day. The food is good, revolving around fish, taro, rice and fruit. Try Kava, a local infusion.

Climate : Fiji has a tropical climate with stable temperatures and abundant rainfall, although compared to nearby islands, they are drier. The rainy season extends from November to April, with a peak from December to March when temperatures are higher (30 ° C). Humidity can reach an uncomfortable rate of 100%. Cyclones occasionally arrive. When the SE trade winds increase in strength in May, the weather becomes much drier. It is much cooler during this period but temperatures hardly ever drop below 15 ° C, so cold is never a problem.

Nature and Culture : Fiji is a tropical paradise. Diving, fishing and sailing are all excellent activities to do. On the main islands you can visit temples, sand dunes and beautiful mountains.

Dangers and annoyances : Most of the spots are above the coral, so be careful and don’t hit the reef. Protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes (there is no malaria). Fijian people are friendly, some of them surf and they are good enough too. Only drink bottled water.

Practical advice : Bring your own equipment. There is a good surf shop near Ed’s bar in The Martintar area in Vitu Nadi, called “Vitu Surf Legends”. Fijians have an enviable lifestyle and culture to respect.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD; 1 € = 1.51 NZD; 1 EUR = 1.41 AUD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Flight to Nadi € 750 (approximate cost)
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 250
  • Registration fee € 95
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