Australia – 4-legged surfing.

Are you looking for a dog trainer to educate your four-legged friend, but you want an alternative method?

Then all you have to do is buy a ticket to Australia, where you will meet Chris de Aboitiz , dog trainer from the land of kangaroos who teaches pretty vivacious dogs and their owners to go surfing together in the sea.

Chris is a former champion of this fantastic discipline, but he doesn’t feel like it’s time for him to retire!

That’s why he has become a brilliant dog educator without giving up the thrill and the excitement of living among the waves as he always has.

Surfing, more than a sport, especially for those who practice it constantly, is pretty much a lifestyle, a way to build more confidence in themselves and to share unique moments, perhaps making small talks with the other “surfboard siblings” in front of a bonfire with a cold beer, after a day of struggling with the most rebellious waves.

For Chris, therefore, getting on a board again, but accompanied by his four dogs named Max, Murph, Rama and Millie, represents an immense joy and an opportunity to realize the bond and friendship that exist between surfers.

Indeed, Chris acknowledges that in order to educate a dog in the best way possible, rules must be respected and, above all, an essential atmosphere of trust and mutual complicity must be created between man and animal.

If we also combine this with fun , then our four-legged friends will learn more quickly and easily.

Definitely a method to try, congratulations Chris!

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