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Lombok (Sud)

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Great surf holiday in Lombok!

Just 35km east of Bali, Lombok is considered as the westernized land close to it, although there are many physical, cultural, linguistic and religious differences with them. What distinguish Lombok are less popular tourist facilities, rare public transport, and a range of simpler accommodations. The strait separating Bali from Lombok forms part of the “Wallace Line”, an established border line between Asia and Australia. Bali is characterized by “green” thanks to its rigorous tropical vegetation while Lombok, being closer to the equator, is drier, more rugged and it has completely different flora and fauna. While the mountains of the north rise to 3726m at the top of Mount Rinjani, the south is submerged in a variety of small hills located behind the white sand bays that color the southern beaches. In terms of location, the prevalence of surf breaks are truly breathtaking, but are generally of lower quality and intensity than those in Bali. A magical place just waiting for you, for a fantastic surf holiday in Lombok!

When working, Desert Point is truly one of the longest tubing lefts on the planet. This spot has a reputation for being unsteady – it only starts breaking with the biggest windswells and high tide makes the waves disappear as fast as they become perfect. Although the reef is very shallow and the currents very strong, Surf Charter continues to leave Bali gathering numerous hardcore surfers, ready to wait for weeks even inside the shacks to experience the excitement of this wave.

Boats also have access to Safari Island , which often enjoys offshore winds but it needs quite a large swell to start breaking. It is only worth checking out at high tide when Desert Point becomes giant.

The south coast is the place where we find the prevalence of breaks, and access by boats is easier than the 2km walk required to reach Belongas bay. There is a left on the east side and a right on the west side, which usually work best during the rainy season. When there is no wind it is also possible to surf another left in the middle of the bay. Mawi is a spot offering typical lefts that works during the dry season, but a bit of measure is needed to start breaking. You may also find a good one right during the shorter days. Mawun is another nice bay, with left and right on each side of the beach. The cliffs provide protection from the wind.

Air Guling is another spot not far from Kuta where it is possible to surf short lefts at medium and high tides, and tubing right at low tide. Kuta is the surfing hub, not so much for its quality waves, but because it is where you can find restaurants and accommodations.

Pantai Segar is a small spot, subject to the wind, where it breaks a funny right and occasional lefts. When it is too big, head to Tanjung Aan , recognizable by two peaks visible from the road. The lefts enjoy the W wind while the right will be better in N wind or glassy days. With the multitude of peaks scattering around its bay, Grupuk is often the main attraction. With a short walk from the village, you reach the end of the bay where you can find a right outside which can reach up to 15ft.

The road from Kuta take you to Ampang , a village that requires the rare combination of S-SE swells with W wind. With these conditions, you will find right-handers breaking south of the village. Ekas Bay spots can be reached by boat from Awang. The right of Inside Ekas isn’t powerful, but break perfectly with offshore breezes. Outside Ekas is a spot that often gives high quality waves that guarantee high speed surfing. The area east of Ekas is barely accessible from land, and it is considered a surfing area during the rainy season. In Sereweh , there are two rights, one with a softer take off while the other is cooing. Access may be difficult. Labihan Haji also needs special conditions during the rainy season to send fun waves to the different reefs south of the village.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureBlue Monkey Villas Resort & Ocean ViewAerotel Tastura LombokNovotel Lombok Resort & Villas
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 273€ 105€ 368


More than many other islands in Indonesia, Lombok is a year-round destination. The high season runs from April to early November when the classic Indonesian 6.5-13ft swells arrive. These swells form from the Roaring Forties of the South Indian Ocean and they come from the southwest. Tropical cyclones of the rainy season can vary widely and they can swell E or W direction. Winds work like clockwork: breezes start in April with E-SE direction (SE is the greatest direction) until October, with winds from S stronger towards the end of the season. November is a transitional month with winds swinging around the south. Then they move towards W-NW with W first and then NW until late March. Bring a tide chart for Bali and be careful: there is a small and large tide every day, some spots only work with a certain tide range.

How to get there : Merpati has daily flights from Despansar (Bali) to Mataram ($ 27 o / w). Ferries from Padangai (Bali) and Lembar ($ 6.4h). Drive to Kuta (1h) or take public bemos from Mandalika Terminal to Mataram. Oceanea Biru Bali operates all inclusive tours.

Getting around : The road network is good although smaller roads can be dangerous. There may be closed roads during the rainy season. Rent a Suzuki Jimny for $ 31 per day (including insurance) or a motorcycle for $ 10 per day. Take a boat for around $ 12 per day. Weekly boat trips depart Bali for Desert Point and West Sumbawa, sometimes also stopping at Grupuk and Ekas.

Accommodation and Food : Basic rooms in Kuta cost around $ 5; for something more comfortable it is recommended to go to the Kutah Inda Hotel ($ 30 including transfer to the beach) or the luxurious Novotel ($ 160). Basic accommodations are available in Bangko-Bangko and Laut Surga (Ekas). Lombok food revolves around poultry, meat, cooked fish with tropical vegetables, with spices and coconut milk.

Climate : Lombok is located 400 km from the equator, so the climate is typically tropical. The days have 12 hours of sunlight: sunrise is at 6.20 a.m. and sunset around 6.30 p.m. The temperature is around 30 ° C all year round, but if you plan to hike to Mount Rinjani, bring some warm clothes as the temperature is much colder there. The tropical monsoon climate of Lombok is divided into 2 seasons: the dry one (from May to September) and the wet one (from October to April). May, June and July are the best months to visit this area although the spring and autumn months are still good (you will only find a more humid climate). The months of January and February are very rainy and the temperatures are very high, so it would be better not to come during this period. The water temperature remains around 28 ° C all year round.

Nature and Culture : Trekking in a part of Rinjani is the reason why many tourists come to Lombok: book a package to join them. There are many activities in the south, cycle along the coastal road to observe the breathtaking scenery and ask the boat owners to take you to the best diving spots.

Dangers and Troubles : Desert Point is an excellent wave. Currents, shallow reefs and crowding in the line-up all are dangerous (wearing a helmet is recommended). While you are surfing, it is useful to have someone watch you for safety. Unlike Bali, malaria is a serious danger here.

Tips : You can repair and rent boards at the Ocean Blue Surf Club in Kuta. It is common to hire a local surf guide. Many people speak English but appreciate it if you make an effort to speak a few words in Bahasa Indonesian. Bring a shortboard and a semi-gun, especially if you want to surf Desert Point.

Exchange rate1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Flight to Lombok € 540 (approximate cost)
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 395
  • Registration fee € 95
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