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Surfers! Don’t miss this wonderful chance to surf in Japan!

Miyazaki’s SE coastline isn’t generally considered as a top surfing destination, but it is worth remembering it is ideally located for catching typhoon swells. This coast is also expanded enough to avoid the crowds of Honshu. Before visiting Miyazaki Prefecture, be aware that winter produces decent conditions for surfing the Sea of Japan. Tanega Shima Island also has excellent exposure to swells and surfers can get there from Kagoshima for under $ 100. Most of the surfing activities in this area is on the safe Okuragahama or Kanegahama beachbreaks . Both are not particularly good waves but they work with small swells and NW winds and there are accommodation in there. For better waves with NE-E swells, try Ishunamiga, although it may be difficult to get out when the sea gets rough. Further south check out Lena in Tsuno, it could be a great left pointbreak. Here you will also find a spot called Haka-Shita, a left point that breaks right next to a Buddhist cemetery. On your way to Miyazaki, the largest city in the prefecture, check out the funny and easy Ikuragahama beachbreaks . Like the most of the spots along this coast, this one also works best with SE swells and NW winds. Miyazaki is not an industrial city, so the air is not polluted and the streets are adorned with palm trees and flowers. The main spot with rideable waves is Sosanji, where in the Kisakihama beach there are intense crowds even if localism is low, especially for western surfers. Aoshima’s resort area is nice with less constant beachbreaks than Sosanji; the reefbreak on the harbor is not great for longboarders. Uchiumi is an area full of beautiful powerful reefbreaks where the swells from the north produe the lefts and vice versa. Very close is Curren’s , a right-hand pointbreak that needs a typhoon to work: rowing to the line up and catching the wave requires experience and familiarity. It’s the same for another spot called Chokusen, a powerful reefbreak suitable only for expert surfers. Udo Shrine is a very nice right peak that activates with NE swells and WS winds. Heading south you will arrive to Oura , one of those magical spots that could be perfect when  all the other spots are crowded, as the left holds the active winds very well from North. If you are excited, explore Cape Toi with its reefbreaks. and the hundreds of wild horses that roam the fields. With a typhonic swell from southeast, check out Nagata: this is a left pointbreak whose wave is very consistent. Come surf in Japan with us!

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureAna Holiday Inn Resort MiyazakiMiyazaki Kanko HotelSheraton Grande Ocean ResortGuest House Pumping Surf
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 420€ 473€ 515€ 200


In July start the first summer swell season in the SE coasts but if you wait until August, the zenith period begins (from August to October) with many monthly typhoons that give up to 13ft of swell. Summer swells (very often with a range of 4-6.5ft) are formed by tropical changes and typhoons, usually with wind from the South. In addition, the low pressures of the North Pacific from November to February as well as monsoon winds from the NE produce some waves. Even if the water remains warm, it is rare to find breathtaking days, despite the prevailing offshore winds. Winter waves are usually the best on the north coast of Kyushu which overlooks the Sea of Japan Sea. Winds often blow from west and northeast. The tides can reach 8ft during the spring and even more inside the bays. So bring a suitable board.

How to get there : No visa is required for less than 90 days. The main access is via Tokyo, then Fukuoka, and finally you need to drive or fly directly to Miyazaki. A plane ticket from Miyazaki to Tokyo costs around $ 225. Kukuoka is well connected with Southeast Asian cities, Oz and NZ. The train service is very good, the Shikansen trains are fast and punctual. It is recommended to buy a pass before arrival for discounts. Boarding fees cost $ 17.

Getting around : Most of the apartments in the city are Japanese style. A cheap youth hostel in Minshiku costs $ 30. A Hotel like the Kanko costs $ 90 per double. Seagaia resorts such as the Kitago Hotel cost around $ 55-70 per person. Expect to spend $ 20 for a meal.

Accommodation and Food : The summer season in Miyazaki is hot, humid and very sunny, with temperatures exceeding 30 ° C (even at night). The months from May to August are very humid due to the frequent floods. Autumn is perhaps the best period of the year to visit this area .. but make sure there are no typhoons coming! The climate in this season is warm and pleasant. Winter could be quite cold, but temperatures rarely drop below freezing and cause snow. The water temperature is very hot in the months between July and October  but the rest of the year never drops below 18 ° C. So bring a long spring wetsuit.

Climate: Due to the hot “Black Current”, Kyu-Shu has very different climates in summer and winter. Summers in Miyazaki are hot and humid with spectacular sunrises. Temperatures are often above 30 ° C, even at night. The months between May and August are very rainy, and sometime floods occur. Autumn is always warm and pleasant: according to what people say, this is the best time to visit this area (unless you are about to encounter a typhoon on the coast). Winters can be very cold, although temperatures hardly ever drop below freezing (snow is very rare). Despite the rainy season and autumn typhoons, Miyazaki usually has a very good climate, with 57 days of sunshine per year. The average temperature throughout the year is around 17 ° C. The water temperature is very high, almost tropical, between July and October and during the winter it never drops below 18 ° C: a 3/2 mm will be enough for the whole year.

Nature and Culture : Don’t forget to visit the Miyazaki temple. The towers of Heiwadai Peace Park are built with stones collected from all around the world. The Cannabis is a reggae bar: no cover, but not even cannabis.

Dangers and annoyances : Even if there are communication problems due to the fact that this is a remote destination, there are no other particular problems to worry about. Crime is low, the locals are friendly to foreigners. Typhoon swells can be intense and some reef breaks can become dangerous.

Practical advice : In the Blast Surf Shop in Huyga and PWS Surf Design, you will find a lot of material but the prices range from: longboard ($ 800), shortboard ($ 500), bodyboard ($ 230), spring wetsuit ($ 200). Renting a board costs $ 25 per day. The prevalence of the spots undergoes 2-4ft of tidal range.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Tokyo € 130
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 450
  • Registration fee € 95
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