Go Surf – South East Asia’s best places to surf

Are you a surfing fanatic always looking for the perfect wave? Did you know that South East Asia is the ideal place for adrenaline lovers, with waves up to 300 meters long and as high as buildings!

South East Asia is a tangle of contradictions and contrasts, where the great noisy and chaotic metropolises with the pungent smelling markets, contrast with the peaceful tropical islands with heavenly beaches and dream seabeds.

In addition to being one of the favorite destinations for travelers, in recent years the countries of South East Asia have also become the ideal place to go and live, as they offer the opportunity to enjoy a favorable climate, a lower cost of living than to the European one and good quality structures.

But what to say to surf enthusiasts?

Southeast Asia may not have the same epic point breaks as Australia’s Gold Coast or the waves of Waikiki, but I assure you there are some spectacular places worth visiting.

Below we have listed the list of the best places in South East Asia to surf:

The Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands located off the coast of Sumatra are a true tropical paradise for surfers.

They are believed to be the best place in Southeast Asia to surf, thanks to the world-class waves that occur in the period between June and September.

In addition to surfing, visitors will have the opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive, or relax on secluded and quiet beaches. The spots on the Mentawai Islands are suitable for both experienced surfers and beginners.

The islands are only accessible by ferry or charter flight, so we recommend planning your trip in advance. The best surf spots on the Mentawai Islands are Bankvaults, Lance’s Left and Lance’s Right, while beginners should try Gilligan’s.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali with its beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, volcanic landscapes and fascinating religious rites, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Bali is also internationally known for being one of the best places in the world to surf.

Padang Padang, with its consistent waves all year round, is a favorite spot for experienced surfers. International competitions such as the Rip Curl Cup are held here every year.

In Padang Padang experienced surfers will be able to ride the huge and powerful waves that create the tube. The best spots for beginners are Canggue and Kuta Beach. Bali is certainly among the best places in South East Asia to surf.

Kata Beach, Thailand

When it comes to surfing, the best place in Southeast Asia is Indonesia because it is the only place where the waves are consistent all year round.

Thailand, despite having several interesting spots, doesn’t offer the same consistency. The only place that deserves some attention is Kata Beach which is slowly gaining popularity as a surfing destination.

It is not a spot that will thrill experienced surfers, but, after all, it is an easy to reach destination with a wide choice of tourist services. Suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers.

God’s Left, Sumba Island, Indonesia

God’s Left a Sumba is one of the best spots in South East Asia accessible only to the chosen few.

The exclusive Nihiwatu Lodge has full control of God’s Left, so to make the experience unique in the world, it gives only 10 people the chance to surf at a time.

About a two-hour flight from Bali, Sumba Island boasts spectacular 300-meter-long sinister waves crashing over Nihiwatu Reef. In addition to the extraordinary God’s Left experience, Nihiwatu Lodge is a luxurious tropical forest retreat in more than 170 hectares of tropical forest, terraced rice paddies and grasslands.

The Desert Point, Lombok Island, Indonesia

Lombok is known for being less crowded and with milder waves than Bali.

The Island, a destination suitable for travelers who like to go to the most authentic places and less traveled by mass tourism.

There are several surfing spots all along Lombok’s coastline, although more experienced surfers all converge at the secret spot called The Desert Point. The Desert Point boasts some nice fast left-hander waves sometimes up to 300 meters long.

However, The Desert Point has a reputation for not having consistent waves, which can quickly disappear at high tide.

Cloud9 Siargao Island, Philippines

The Cloud9 spot deserved due attention thanks to the fast and powerful waves that unwind to the right forming the perfect tube, allowing experienced surfers to practice spectacular maneuvers.

Cloud9 is also the home of the annual “Siargao Cup” competition, where various local and international professionals participate.

Beginners can practice in the quieter spots on the island including Paradise Beach or Guyam Island.

Bai Dai Beach, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is the most famous seaside resort in Vietnam where different types of tourists converge, from local celebrities, to European backpakers to surfers.

The reason for the popularity of Nha Trang is to be attributed to the beautiful white beaches, vibrant nightlife and its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The best surfing spot is Bai Dai Beach, about 20km south of the city. Aside from the only Surf Shack where you can rent boards and take lessons, Bai Dai Beach is mostly underdeveloped. Beginners will have no difficulty finding quiet and secluded places to practice.

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