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Papua New Guinea is a fascinating kaleidoscope of different people, culture and landscapes. The fact that there are more than 750 different languages and that it has been fought by the Germans, English, Australians and Indonesians only gives us a hint of the cultural diversity of this country. Each different area of this country is home to different racial groups, Papuans in the south, New Guineans in the north, Scots in the eastern mountains and islands, Malaysians, all of whom gave a distinct influence to the country. The islands named after New Britain, New Ireland and New Hanover offer the best waves. We take you straight to Kavieng for your amazing surf break in Papua New Guinea!

The Birmarck Archipelago of Melanesia looks NE into the Pacific while the atolls of New Ireland are perfectly located to collect all swells from NW to NE. In Papua New Guinea, the south coast around Port Moresby is drier, flatter, and exposed to erratic cyclonic swells from the south. Hula is probably the most constant place to surf these swells. The north coast, on the other hand, offer better conditions.

Places like Wewak, Aitape and Vanimo are known for producing constant waves during the NW monsoons. It is precisely this coast that suffered from the recent catastrophic tsunami.

Since the discovery of the Piccinniny Right, Kavieng Harbor and the surrounding atolls have become the center of surfing in Papua New Guinea. Open to all swells from the N or NW and far away from the violence that can plague other areas of the country, Kavieng is a relatively safe and very exotic place to find waves. The downside is that the spots are very sensitive to tides, wind and the size of storm surges, while the long distances between the spots themselves make it necessary to use the boat. Piccinniny is a surprisingly heavy, cooing right that breaks over a sharp reef…. boots are recommended.

The northeastern end of Nusa Island sends out cooing lefts but it should only be checked when conditions are perfect.

When the swell is above 6ft, the long right called The Long-Long breaks perfectly into the southern end of Nusa Lik. The water here is deeper than the main surrounding spots and it holds winds from north.

You can find a more consistent spot on nearby Nago Island, where a powerful left breaks into the outer reef (best at low tide). The further you move west, the more constant and large the waves become. Edmago is a small island southwest of Nago, where both a right and a left break (the best is the right at medium tide). The latest spot in the area is on Tarangau Island, where a super steady right breaks on a beautiful white sand beach. It is also said that there is a spot east of Kavieng that is accessible by road and it is worth checking out with winds from the west and good swells from north.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureNusa Island RetreatMalagan Beach ResortLissenung Island Retreat
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 2,211--€ 874€ 657€ 767


Most of Papua New Guinea’s waves come from NW windswells which provide regular 3-6ft waves in the period from November to April. It is not recommended to visit these islands during the “EL NiNo” year as the waves can be very erratic. Nearby islands like Tarangau always seem to have rideable waves during the surf season. Given the deformed nature of the reef and the way the waves unwind around it, there should always be an offshore location. The most exposed spots should only be surfed during the early morning when the winds are generally offshore. November is the month with the lightest winds. The dry season (from May to October) is characterized by offshore SE winds, but receives fewer waves. The tide can reach 13ft and many spots work better at medium or low tide. It is not very difficult to get a tide chart in Kavieng Harbor or at the various resorts.

How to get there : A 60 days visa is issued upon entering the town. The prevalence of flights are to Port Moresby where it is possible to take an international flight to Kavieng with Air Niugini. Australia has the most connection with PNG. From Indonesia you can fly directly from Irian Java (the Indonesian half of the New Guinea Island), to Keving with Geruda. Boarding fees are $ 6.

How to get around : To get around take the PMV (public motor vehicle) although to reach most of the spots, a boat is essential. This boat is included in the $ 1,265 package from Sydney, including flight.

Accommodation and Food : There are a few hotels and resorts in this area, but everything is expensive. A basic hotel costs around $ 50 / double but most surfers stay at Nusa Island Retreat in Nusa Lik, which has room for no more than 12 people at a time. The fish is excellent.

The climate : The dry season is a bit anomalous because the rains are frequent (in this area 3m of water fall per year). The surf season coincides with the NW monsoons, which bring good weather. Temperatures are very high and cyclones are very rare events.

Nature and Culture : Diving is first class. Visit the crocodile farm or WW2 wrecks. A unique experience not to be missed is the “shark calling”: local people who call sharks with their nets and their voices. Pidgin is a strange mix of English and local vocabulary, which can be difficult to understand.

Dangers and annoyances : NPC has a bad reputation for being a violent and unstable country. This is true in certain areas such as neighboring Bougainville Island, but the Kavieng area is very safe. Thieves are also rare. The reefs are very shallow and full of sharks, stonefish and snakes. There is a risk of malaria and reef infection.

Tips : You will not find surf equipment in any shop. Bring your boards and a few pairs of shoes. It is very rare to even find crowds in the water. There is also a hospital in Kavieng. Contact Worldsurfaris for package travel to Nusa Lik.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.


The tariff does not include

  • Approximate flight to Port Moresby € 978
  • Airport taxes subject to changes € 600
  • Registration fee € 95
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