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Isla Margarita, Coche & Cubagua

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Isla Margarita, Coche & Cubagua

If you have heard someone talk about Margarita Island at least once, they were certainly referring to El Yaque, a spot that has gained worldwide fame over the years for its wind and flat water conditions. Although the windsurfing scene is concentrated entirely in El Yaque, a trip to Margarita Island offers much more: the 2 sister islands of Coche and Cubagua are close enough to allow short daily trips by boat and in addition there is the possibility to visit the 165km of coastline rich in classic vegetation and fauna of Caribbean landscapes. Book your surf stay on Isla Margarita now!

El Yaque is the home of freestyle and slalom par excellence. Kitebeach El Yaque is located about 1 km upwind and can be reached by boats for € 2-8 or by sailing. Both spots are characterized by strong winds and completely flat water strips. Beneath the growing urban landscape of Porlomar is the long sandy beach of La Caracol, where the stronger spring winds produce excellent ramps for jumping. 2km further south is Taguantar, a spot that works with winds and swells from north. Right next to the beach, in the port, after the session you will find Juan Greigo’s restaurant that offers fresh fish and the best sunsets on the island. To find the waves led by El Yaque in the direction of the Macanao Peninsula. Half an hour away, La Restinga also captures swells from the north in its endless sandy beach in front of the lagoon. In this spot it is possible to windsurf only if the wind is above 25 knots in El Yaque. Punta El Tunal is the most beautiful surf spot on the island (only pointbreak), which works when swells from the north turn around the point and start breaking following the direction of the reef. It is only recommended for experienced surfers; kitesurfers should sail from the beach in the “downwind” direction. La Pared shows a similar scenario to the previous spot with the only difference that it starts to break only on the biggest days of swell from north. While a few bathers may appear in la Pared during the weekends, La Carmela guarantees the most solitude absolute as the beach is accessible only via a 4×4. It is the exact opposite of Punta Arenas, which becomes particularly crowded with tourists and islanders. During storm surges, the spot offers waves on one side of the bay and flat, shallow water on the other. Just 10 minutes by car from El Yaque, Punta Canero (also called “Mini Pozo”) is the spot where Gollito, Ricardo & co train before going to compete in the Canaries. Coche Island, just 10km south of El Yaque, is perfect for a day trip by boat (only 20 minutes of sailing required). Bahia de San Pedro is the best attraction of the Coche as in addition to having some very nice hotels by the sea, it also offers not too strong wind conditions and flat water perfect for freestyle. Continuing along the coast there are no sandy beaches with shallow water, except in the Laguna de las Salinas. Aside from the slimy seabed and brown water, this place is unique with its white sand, red rocks and bright green palm trees. In the northernmost beach of Coche, Pousada Oasis, you can also find waves. It takes 10 minutes by taxi (for a total cost of € 0.50), or 15 minutes by boat from San Pedro. Coche’s younger sister is Cubaqua, which offers another slice of paradise: transparent water, super flat and flat wind.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureGolden ParadiseSurf ParadiseCaliforniaAgua DoradaHesperia Playa El Agua
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 263€ 284€ 336€ 378€ 441


Margarita Island is a place worth visiting almost 365 days a year. Spring guarantees the best wind conditions, thanks to the greater pressure differences with the neighboring continent of South America. The chances of catching windy days between January and February are 80%, and the average wind intensity is between 15-20 knots every day; wind force 6+ is more likely in the afternoon (February – May). Summer brings humid days and therefore not very favorable for windsurfing. In autumn the wind increases significantly. While spots like El Yaque, Coche and Cubangua attract freestyle fanatics who are looking for perpetually flat water, conditions on Margarita Island are not always as reported. Hurricanes and low pressure systems generate, between August and December, short-term swells with variable direction between N, E or W (depending on where the low pressure develops between the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico).

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 2395.34 VEB

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

How to get there: Charter companies fly directly to Porlomar (about 9 hours of flight from Europe). The price range is € 300-900 with the peak of the high season between December and April. Traveling through Caracas might cost a little less, but transporting the equipment is much more expensive. With at least 6 months of validity of the passport, a tourist card is issued at the entrance of the country which will then be returned upon return home. Boarding fees around $ 26.

Getting around: There is no need to rent a car to get around Margarita Island. Any place near El Yaque can be reached on foot, and on most days, hotels and tourist centers organize guided tours to the islands of Coche and Cubagua (approximate cost of € 15-20 excluding meals). To get anywhere else, rent a car at an average price of $ 35 a day or take a taxi.

Accommodation and food: There are 8 hotels and a selection of small hostels in El Yaque, all one step away from the beach. Prices vary based on changes in the exchange rate, but the price for a hotel room starts at around $ 50 for a double, while hostels start at $ 20. Apartments for up to 6 people are also available for around $ 40 per day. The traditional dish is rice with chicken, corn-flour “arepas” and “empanadas”, but you will also find all Thai or European cuisines.

Climate: Temperatures are the classic ones of tropical climates, that is 30 ° C throughout the year; nights rarely drop below 25 ° C. It rains so little that in order to drink potable water, it has to be pumped through pipes from the mainland. There are 2 seasons: the dry one that goes from January to July, and the wet one that goes from August to December (over 90% humidity). Margarita Island lies outside the hurricane belt, so it rarely suffers damage from storms.

Nature and culture: The eastern part of Margarita Island is much greener than Macanao (west) and the islands of Coche and Cubagua. The 1000m of mountain of La Sierra National Park is high enough to reach the clouds and find some rain. Tropical forests grow alongside fruit and vegetable plantations. Being typical of the Caribbean, the Latins love salsa and merengue: they sing and dance wherever they are. During the “Semana Santa” (Easter), Margarita becomes a party island for Venezuelan locals and inhabitants.

Dangers and annoyances: The island is safe and going around at night isn’t a problem (just avoid being around the “barrios”). It is recommended to travel only with official taxis. Don’t pay with credit cards as cloning acts often occur. When you have to change your money, don’t go to foreigners on the street because they are often scammers. Euros and Dollars are officially prohibited but universally accepted.

Tips : Exchange rates vary widely within the black market. The cost of living is much lower before Christmas than during the spring.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Caracas€ 450
  • Airport taxes subject to changes € 495
  • Registration fee € 95
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