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Surfing holidayin Indonesia: explore the central spots of Sumbawa!

Catching the wonderful waves of Teluk Cempi Bay in Central Sumbawa means taking on a long and tedious journey by plane and taxi from Bali. Just south of Hu’u, Lakey (Lakai) Beach, there is a long and wide stretch of palm trees lined up in the ivory sand, in front of the reef. Since this area was discovered by Australian surfers in the 1980’s, Hu’u has become famous for itself for the variety of waves it offers, perfect for all levels. This area created some local stars like Dedi Gum, Joey Barrel and 2006 National Indenisian GromSearch winner, One Anwar. The total number of surfer visiting this area can reach 150-200, especially when the early morning tides roll and produce the best waves in glassy conditions. Join us for a fantastic surfing stay in Indonesia!

Periscopes is a 40-minutes walk, but only 100m rowing. The wave requires a large S swell to start breaking and can also become double overhead (above 3m). It is usually better in the morning at high tide. Because of the beauty of the surfing experience and tubes this reef offers … expect a big crowd.

Nungas is considered a mini version of G-Land as it sends long lefts of 200m alternating more or less steep sections to play with. This wave enters a large bay producing better condition than The Peak and not too many afternoon winds from the south. At 300m from Lakey Peak there is a section that closes on reef called No Mans which could offer fun surf with very small swells. . The perfect Lakey Peak produces, on both sides of the channel, short (30-40m) lefts and rights. Rights often offer rides on a backdoor tube but which become too shallow at low tide. Getting off the Peak is easy either by rowing 450m or by taking the zodiac for around $ 2. Just 400m to the south there is Lakey Pipe, an excellent reef wave with a fairly easy take-off, which becomes solid and cooing within a few meters.

Walk 45min or rent a zodiac to escape the Lakely crowds in a deep reef channel called Cobblestones . Here you will find an a-frame wave that breaks often, thanks to its swell of different directions, which becomes very good with large swells and with medium-high tide. If you can, organize a trip on a motorcycle to reach Nangadoro which collects swells and offers a left and two right on the reef. Enjoy the spa. On quieter days with NW winds, head to the south coast where you may have the opportunity to surf the lefts of Dedjoeng Wave . With the same conditions, check the external reefbreak at Wara Point, approx 4km south of Sondo.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureThe Lagoon Guest House LakeyRock Pool Home Stay
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 63€ 105


Winter (from May to September) is a great season for surfing activities, overloaded with 3-13ft swells, but bothered by afternoon sideshore winds. The SE wind starts in April when the skies begin to dry out. Mornings are generally characterized by weak offshore winds. The windy season starts from the end of July, and lasts until mid-November with 13-25 knots of cross-shore wind down to the beach. The rainy season (also called Indonesian off-season), from November to February, is not the best period of the year to surf, but, despite this, there may be the possibility of some cyclonic swell. With these conditions, the spots on the south coast will be offshore in W-NW winds. The diurnal tide is a real factor to consider.

How to get there : It is possible to take 30 days visa in Bali. Don’t bring more than 3 boards. Ferries to Sumbawa depart from Labuhan, Lombok and reach Porto Sano in 2h… .but they are not too safe. The best option is to take the plane using the Merpati flight (there are 5 a week), which however, doesn’t carry large bags for the boards. Flights to Bima cost around $ 165. It is recommended to be picked up from your hotel.

Getting around : Ground transportation is much more difficult to take than in Bali. Take a taxi-bemo or a bus from Bima (5h from Sumbawa Besar). Rent a bemo from Bima to Hu’u (3h) for around $ 35 per person, or take a private $ 70-80 per vehicle one way transfer.

Accommodation and food : In the central area of Sumbawa, specifically in Lakey (3km south of Hu’u) there are 8 places where you can accomodate. Aman gati Hotel has 40 rooms with modern and local architecture: $ 45 per double with A / C, $ 30 with fan; a 7-nights package from Bali cost $ 425. Another option is the Mona Lisa Bungalow, with 22 well-maintained rooms, costing just $ 15 / night. Food is cheap.

Climate : The climate is similar to that of Bali but it’s drier. Daily temperatures hover around 30 ° C all year round, but thanks to the wind it doesn’t get as hot from May to November. The rainy season (from November to April) is usually cloudy, more humid and characterized by sweltering heat. The prevalence of rain occurs between January and February. With 25 ° C during the night it is very hot.

Nature and Culture : Not as lively as Bali. Visit Bima Sultan Palace, see the village of Raba Dompu and the wreck of Doro Bata in Dompu. Dompu is used by tourists as a stopover point for Mount Tambora. The walk requires 2 nights of camping in the forest and 1 night on the summit (2,850m). Go to Komodo Island for its famous dragon.

Dangers and annoyances : The reef at Lakey Pipe could be dangerous and you need a pair of shoes for a long walk at low tide to reach it. Surfing has 30 years of history, so now there is the second generation of clubs. Walk to the most remote spot – bring good shoes and enough potable water to drink. Low risk of malaria.

Practical advice : There is no surf shop around Lakely other than the wax available outside some hotels. You may need a gun for 6.5-11ft days. Rare boats reach Lakely as they go to Bali- West Sumbawa or Sumba-Rote.

Exchange rate1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Flight to Bali € 520
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 350
  • Registration fee € 95
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