vacanza surf a Nias

8 days / 6 nights

Nias & Isole Inako

from € 74 Excluding flights

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Wonderful surf holiday in Nias and the Inako islands: Indonesia’s best spot!

The perfect right at Lagundri Bay on Nias Island was the first world-class quality wave discovered in the Sumatra region. Nias was first surfed in 1975 by Australian pioneers Peter Troy, Kevin Lovett and John Giesel. Recent discoveries have been made on a group of small islets called Hinako’s, including two great spots that constantly work with good waves. Nowadays it’s much easier to reach Nias than before, but you still have the feeling of being at the end of the world. Don’t miss this surf holiday in Nias!

The main wave of Lagundri is the point overlooking the Sorake Beach tower. If the swell exceeds 4,2ft, it unrolls perfectly on the reef giving perfect tubes before the final close-out. This wave breaks in deep water in a seafloor covered with seaweed. The channel in this reef is called ” The Keyhole ” and gives easy access directly to the take-off area. Local children and beginners can ride waves in the inner part called Kiddieland . Further out of the main point there is the indicator reef, so called because it is an excellent reference point for evaluating the size of near spots. If it weren’t for his dangerous sessions, this would have been one of the most perfect waves. On the other side of the bay you find The Machine’s left which only works with giant swells. There are other spots just a short distance from here, either to the west or back towards Teluk Dalam harbor.

Just 4-5 hours by boat from Lagundri there is the island of Bawa where another breathtaking right breaks. Bawa requires N winds. If the wind is from the south, continue another 15km north to Asu , where, despite the risk of malaria, hard-core surfers lead and ride the great and perfect left that makes Asu an unique and top quality spot. Watch out for the reef at the end of the wave section.

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 74


Beaches on the equator usually lack exposure to swells, but the South Indian Ocean is the most efficient swell-producing machine on the planet. Expect numerous 6,5-10ft SW swells in the period between April and October, and some occasional 10-20ft swells. However, during the off-season there are cyclonic swells that will send 2-6ft waves. Due to the latitude, the winds are fairly calm providing glassy conditions 15% of the time. There are no prevailing winds. From January to May there are many days with a prevalence of the NW, from June to September with the SE and, from October to December with a prevalence of the NE. The tide only varies from 2-3ft but only affects shallow reefbreaks.

How to get there : A visa is required for Portugal and South Africa. There are flights and ferries from Jakarta and Penang (Malaysia) to Medan. SMAC has closed. Garuda (a surfer-friendly airline) offers 3 domestic flights for $ 100. Daily flights depart from Padang to Gunung Sitoli ($ 32); book in advance. The bus and ferry from Sidolga to Gunung Sitoli / Teluk Dalam is long, tiring, but very cheap. From Gunung Sitoli it is about 2 hours by road to Lagundri.

Getting around : Once you are in Lagundri, everything will be very close to you. Teluk Dalam is easily accessible if you use the “Bemo”. The prevalence of the roads are unpaved. It is much easier to rent a motor cycle than to use a truck or bemos.

Accommodation and Food : The 3-star Sorake Beach Resort is the best on the island. It has rooms with A / C which cost around $ 80 per double. There are both losmen on stilts in front of the spot, and cheap accommodation. There are also surf camps in Asu and Bawa. The food is based on fish and rice only and it is cheap.

Climate : Nias has a typically equatorial climate with very high temperatures and humidity varying throughout the year. The dry season runs from May to September (although weak rains of 1-2 hours can occur during the night), while the rainy season runs from October to April. The water temperature is very high. The absence of wind promotes the occurrence of glassy waves but it isn’t a way to escape from the heat.

Nature and Culture : The village of Bawomataluo has an impressive temple, located just 1h from Lagundri. In Nias you can also enjoy show jumping events and war dances.

Dangers and annoyances : Lagundri was infested with malaria which at the time had affected many surfers, but recently many swamps have been cleared and this has greatly reduced the infection. Malaria is a serious problem on the island of Hinako. Lagundi has deep waters but the reefs are shallow so be prepared to hit the bottom. For many years traveling surfers have left their old equipment to young locals, who now believe that this is a custom that everyone should respect. Beware that a couple of locals can become aggressive if you refuse.

Practical advice : The Nias Surf Club may be useful for advice on where to buy, rent or repair the boards. Bring your own equipment including boots, helmet and a 7-8ft gun for Hinako’s. There is a small hospital and a police station in Lagundri. For some years there have also been internet services in Teluk Dalam. The best money exchange is in Sumatra or Gunung Sitoli.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Jakarta € 462
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 420
  • Registration fee € 95
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