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New Georgia

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Surf stay in the Solomon Islands: leave now for paradise!

Made up of 992 volcanic islands and small low coral atolls, the Solomon Islands are the third largest archipelago in the South Pacific. With big mountains, dense tropical forests, waterfalls, palm-fringed beaches and traditional villages, these islands are known for their unspoiled beauty and relaxing peace. The Solomones may not be in the best location to receive swells but reports from divers and sailors say there are waves in this area all year round. Explorations to the most eastern islands (Nifiloli and Santa Cruz Island) have discovered Byron and Kala Bay on the north coast as well as Nembia Bay on the west coast. The east and north sides of the islands have more consistency during the austral winter but the main problem is the underdevelopment of the region. Most of the discoveries were made in the SW coast when the Coral Sea cyclones arrive. The capital is Gizo , it boasts of the largest lagoon in the world: Marovo. The coast of Gizo Island is littered with shipwrecks from World War II. Looking from the majestic Kolombangra, the largest volcano in the region, Gizo is the first option for accommodation during your surfing stays. The main break is Pailonge , where long rights collect all kinds of swells in front of the homonymous village. With large swells the two sections that break with smaller swells will come together to become a long and perfect wave above the reef. Nearby there is Titiana , a powerful right. These two are very close to the accommodation in Gizo. One hour away by boat, we find Makuti Island , where it is possible to surf a nice and quick left on the reef. A second option is to stay on Lola Island in the Zipolo Habu Resort. In Skull Island there are medium and large waves of which the longest is undoubtedly Skull (its ideal condition is a 3-6.5ft swell accompanied by NE-E winds. If the swell is too small, check out Desperates, further out. These peaks break on the shore requiring great take-off skills. Not far to the east, there are two large lefts and a right on the reef. Mbirimbiri’s are wraparound rights that break on a very shallow reef… so avoid low tide and wait for NE winds. Lavata works with the rare NW swells produced by the windswells in the Salomon Sea; Kundu Kundu is usually a good quality right. Collects all possible swells (W ones are the best), works with all tides (the top condition is with medium tide) and keeps up to 3m ensuring a very long surf. No divers have ever been attacked by sharks. New discoveries have been made in Rendova, 45 min by boat from Lola, where there are numerous left pointbreak not yet ridden by anyone. Coves breaks on a reef near a small beach covered by high cliffs. The landscape is breathtaking. The archipelago is waiting for you to come for a surfing experience in the Solomon Islands that you won’t easily forget!

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureAgnes Getaway HotelRekona LodgeZela Adventure Lodge
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 168€ 158€ 326



The best period for swells is between December and April, when temperatures drop and cyclones start moving slightly south. When swells arrive they can last for more than a week giving excellent, clean, great waves. From May to August, the winter swells that hit the east side of the New Georgia islands are generally more consistent but smaller. From May to November is the main season for the Costa Pacifica side from the northeast. SE trade winds become stronger, with more persistent wind. During the transition months there is less wind. The tides change from diurnal to semi-diurnal and they don’t exceed 2ft.

How to get there : No visa is required but you have to pay $ 8.50 of taxes at the airport. Solomon Airlines flies directly to Honiara from Australia. Air Vanatu operates from Efate. There are two daily flights to Gizo at $ 100r / t. Land in Nusa Tupe which is 10min by boat from Gizo. Munda may become the second airport in Salomons. $ 4 boarding fee.

Getting around: To rent a car doesn’t make sense, there are good boats, the place for the board is essential. Check out the Surf the Earth’s package: 7 nights in Gizo including 5 trips with 4WD or boat or go to ZIpolu Habu Resort. Renting a boat costs $ 3 per person per hour (up to 6 surfers).

Accommodations and Food: Surf the Eart have the best deals. 7 nights by boat at the Gizo Hotel in rooms with A / C, rooms with a pool view, cost around $ 920. The Zipolo Habu Resort offers very good bungalows (max 4 people) but flying to Munda is easier. Full meal packages include BBQ tuna, crab and lobster.

Climate : The equatorial climate is extremely humid all year round. The average temperature is around 27 ° C with minimal variations throughout the year. The coolest period is between the months of June and August while the winds coming from the north-west in the period between November and April cause an increase in rainfall and occasional cyclones. Such precipitations are more intense in mountainous areas.

Nature and Culture : In Gizo there are attractions for divers, among which the most popular is Upi Island Resort, and numerous eco-lodges scattered in the Morovo lagoon. Climb the 1770m of the Kolombangara volcano, don’t miss the Megapode Skull chapel or the crocodile estate.

Dangers and Annoyances : Take anti-malaria medicines but the best prevention is to be careful and use mosquitos’ pinch repellents. Drink bottled water and be prepared to drive long distances under full sun exposure.

Tips : Bring all the complete equipment including: your two favorite boards, lots of tropical wax and sun protection. It is possible to take a last minute flight to Brisbane when the swell is arriving. Use the kayaks to access the nearest breaks. 95% of the population is Christian.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD; 1 € = 1.51 NZD; 1 EUR = 1.41 AUD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Flight to Port Moresby € 978 (indicative cost)
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 600
  • Registration fee € 95
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