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Mindanao (North)

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Mindanao (North)

Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines, is an enchanting land with volcanic mountains hidden by tropical plants, landing on white and pink sand beaches. Since November 2005, an international longboard competition has been held in Lanuza attracting some big Australian surfers to thi stown, aided by an unusual “Breaking of the Board” opening ceremony. It would be a good option to stop in Suriago Province during the decent NE swells as it may be less crowded than Cloud 9, and most of the waves are good. Mindanao is waiting for you to experience the best surf in the Philippines!

Only the “King of Sports Surf Charter” boat runs on the excellent Auqui Left, where there is a shallow reef that produces fast waves even when it is small. Lanuaza Bay is superficial, so from Cantilan to Lanuaza there is a series of low-powered beachbreaks, and Union is the most eastern village to get near the mouth of the estuary. One of the reasons you should come here is to get Doot Poktoy, an amazing and fast right over 300m of sandbar in the mouth of the Lanuza River. During low tide it is cooing, while at high tide it is slower but still funny. Located in Zone 1 near the Lanuza elementary school, Castor maintains excellent lefts at high tide, with a very sharp and shallow reef. A 10 min drive or 4km on the bumpy road there is Punta Left, also known as Big Star, another dangerous left reefbreak that requires shoes and it can handle any swell from North and Northeast. The most constant wave around here is probably Moshi-Moshi, a peak at the rivermouth with longer right and shorter left. Large boulders mark the take-off area and pop out at low tide. The recent discovery of Badjang and its high quality right, similar to the reef of Siargao, works with all sizes of NE swells and it is easy to reach as it is just 8km from Lanuza. During small and clean swells, Cauit Point is a left-handed swell magnet off the tip of the head. When a typhonic swell reaches its limit in Cauit, check out Glenda’s: a left bowl reached by a long row from Cortes, or by boat if possible. Before Tandag, it is full of unexplored reefs waiting for curious to surf a new spot. Surface water in Marami bay steals the strongest typhoon swell making its waters an unattractive spot for beginners. A little further south in the Tagus River, there is a long, steep left and a powerful right that might make the trip special.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DeparturePoktoy Palm Haven Surf CampMami Surf HausPriz Babak Garden Beach Resort
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 33€ 26€ 26


Finding good conditions in Luanza is rare as the first requirement is a powerful typhonic swell to push the waves into the protected spots. The sandbars must be in good condition and the tides need to be as low as possible. When turned on, it’s a legendary big wave, from deep tubes at low tide to endless off-the-top combined with cutbacks at high tide. Other spots like Moshi-Moshi or Cauit require less swells and each NE swell will make them work. SW monsoon winds are straight offshore. Typically, the waves will be 2-5ft, some reefbreaks will reach 8-10ft. The tides, different than the tides in Davao, are semi diurnal with daily inequalities and the range can be up to 6ft.

How to get there : No visa is required for less than 21 days. Extensions are very easy. Better to fly Cebu (CEB) than Manila, then Batuan (BXU) or Tandag (TDG) or Manila-Surigao City with Asian Spirit 5 days a week. Surigao City-lanuza is 3.5h by bus / jeep / van.

How to get around : Many spots are far from Ticiclo, Tro-Tro (a long bike) from Lanuza. Expect to pay the drivers around $ 5 / h. Tandag-Lanaza is 1h away by bus / jeep / van.

Accommodation and Food : There are no formal accommodations, resort and house accommodations are very limited so look for home-stay programs run by locals. Poktoy Palm Haven with non-A / C rooms for $ 3 / paz / day while A / C rooms are $ 5. There are a few basic guesthouses in Tandag to the south. A great way to experience Filipino culture.

Climate : The Philippines has a warm tropical climate all year round with days above 30 ° and nights rarely drop below 25 ° C. Different areas experience varying degrees of rain – the further south and east you go, the wetter it is. Generally the year is divided into three seasons: the hot season from March to May, the rainy season from June to November and the cold season from December to February. The monsoon seasons are instead two: one from May to October with the monsoon from the southwest while the one from the north-east is from November to April. January is the coldest month while April is the hottest.

Nature and Culture : Check out the funny Lanuza Marine Park and sanctuary or air refreshment at Magkawas Waterfalls, Green Paradise, Campamento Caves and Lanuza Wetland Park and Magrove Forset. Ethnic tribes tell glorious stories of brave warriors and haughty princesses in colorful frescoes.

Dangers and annoyances : Mindanao is safe but some areas are extremely dangerous due to the NPA (New People Army) and the activity of Abbu Sayyaf. Check the place at the embassy before you leave. Lanuza and Tandag are 100% safe. Some rocks could be dangerous but the waves here are suitable for beginners.

Tips : Check out the Lanuza Bay Surfing Company, the rooms have near reasonable  like the ones in the suf which cost $ 4 / h with the instructor and $ 5 / day to rent a board. They build the boards with the local Amakan plant, which costs $ 70 / sq. Some of these boards are exported to California.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Cebu € 480
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 350
  • Domestic flights on request
  • Registration fee € 95
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