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Makran (Ovest)

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Pakistan is relatively a new country as it was formed in 1947, before the eastern part of Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971. The September 11 2001 event put the country under the international radar due to its proximity to Afghanistan. Before this date, a group of 12 people, including 4 surfers, explored the coast of the Makran Desert in search of surfable waves in the province of Baluchistan. The Makran coast has deserted sandy beaches that stretch for 700km (438mi) along the Arabian Sea. Around Karachi there are numerous spots, surfed by expats and travelers fresh from air travel, such as the Paradise Cove beachbreak and the best pointbreak, Goth Munjar at the mouth of the Hub River. The main problem in the Makran coasts is that the seafloor is too shallow! The hammer-shaped headlands discovered in the Gwadar and Ormara provide good waves. During the monsoon season, from June to August, the most exposed SW beachbreaks receive waves of 4-8 ft while the pointbreaks exposed to SE-E work with long right waves around 1-2 ft , even exposed beaches like Ganz could be flat if the SW winds don’t blow. Ras Pishukan could create better conditions but due to the irregularity of the seaflor the line ups could be broken up and unpredictable; however even more internally to the point, Pishukan has the potential for perfect head-height rights. Even deeper into the bay, Pasao Kaur has perfect waves with offshore winds but the measure never exceeds the height of the basin. Gwadar West is a soft wave on a beachbreak, trapped in the bay. The wave with the best quality in the area is unfortunately unattainable as it is located inside the naval base! Fortunately, going further east, we find Jabal Sur , which produces fairly constant 4-6ft waves during the monsoon swell period. Between Gwadar and Pasni, most of the accesses to the sea are characterized by very shallow waters: Ras Kappar and Shamal bandar, provide the best possibilities. Only in the Pasni area it is possible to find 3 different types of waves in a very short stretch of coast. Jabal Zarain is worth a visit in transitional periods, as it is big and messed up during the monsoon seasons. The best spot for decent clean waves is Ras jaddi : here you can surf lefts that break on a mixed rock and sand bottom, mostly at high tide. Don’t miss Mirages, a 45-minute drive from Ras Jaddi, and its perfect rights, which unfortunately only reach 3-4ft with the biggest swells. As you can see, this country offers some interesting spots: book your surf holiday in Pakistan now!

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 735


The SW monsoon winds are the strongest in the whole tropical zone. During this period, swells always reach around 8-12 ft and come with a period ranging from 6-15 ft. The dominant monsoon seasons are from June to August (SW monsoon) and from November to January (NE). During the summer the SW wind is absent in the morning and increases in intensity during the afternoon. It is very rare to find it offshore. Cyclones usually form in the Indian Ocean when the surface temperature of the water reaches 29 ° C (84 ° F): 75% of these cyclones head towards the coasts of Oman, the remaining 25% cross the coast of the Runn of Kutch. Pakistan has semi-diurnal tides with daily inequalities, which reach a maximum of 9ft. High tide is the best to surf as it helps the swell to enter the various spots.

How to get there: Karachi is the main international airport and it is now reached by fewer and fewer airlines, but the hub for the national airline PIA. Local flights are made on small planes that don’t allow the transport of boards longer than 7’6 ”. Gwadar can be reached from Mosqat thanks to the comfortable planes of Oman Air.

Getting around: Apart from a few paved roads around the city, the rest of the roads are bumpy and full of potholes. The average speed of circulation in conditions of very high temperatures or high dust, is 20 km / h (12 mi / h), which allows you to have your NOC (no objection certificate). A long road up the coast is going to be built in the next few years. Renting a 4 × 4 car costs around 4000rps ($ 65) per day. The NOC is required by the Deputy Commissioner to visit the area and it will entitle the holder to be escorted by the armed forces, as a form of protection from smugglers.

Accommodation and food: Some foreigners have the option of accessing the Marjan Resort, located in the hammer-shaped area in Gwadar, receiving air-conditioned room for $ 40 per double, excellent food for around 800rps ($ 12) per meal. If you want there is a cheaper option which consists of accommodation in the Rest House, overlooking the bay to the west, for only 600rps (10 $) for a double. Dhal, Nan, fish and dates will be your main food.

Climate: The Makran coast is located outside the monsoon system so the climate is mainly dry. Annual rainfall is around 15mm, which, however, combined with the natural characteristics of the place, create great problems for small local populations. Outside temperatures are usually between 30 ° C (86 ° F) and 38 ° C (101 ° F). Dust in suspension greatly reduce visibility. The water temperature varies between 24 ° C (75 ° F) and 30 ° (86 ° F) depending on the type of monsoon.

Nature and culture: Gwadar is a large piece of rock 10km long, 2km wide and 200m high, connected by a 20km long thin line of sand. The white clay cliffs are something surreal. Don’t miss the shipyards, ports, mud volcanoes and lively night bazaars. It is incredibly cheap. Islamic beliefs are strong.

Dangers and annoyances: Apart from the numerous controls of the coast guard, the strong heat, the dust, some sea or land snakes, some rare sharks, there are no problems!

Tips: Makran was closed to foreigners until recently so most of the excursions are nature exploration in nature as there is no infrastructure for tourists. Use the “Transpakistan” services to organize your transport, food, a translator, a guide and be accompanied to the various spots.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD
Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Approximate flight to Karachi € 340
  • Airport taxes subject to changes € 325
  • Registration fee € 95
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