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The offshore islands of Nias and Mentawais have been below average for years, while the land of Sumatra has remained off the radar for most traveling surfers. Despite the perfect orientation of the Indian Ocean swells hitting the coastline of the fifth largest island in the world, Sumatra guarantees a quiet surf off the beaten Indonesian roads. Sumatra has a reputation for being a wild island with malaria and the west coast of Lampung unfortunately lies close to the Krakatau volcano, responsible for a huge eruption in 1883 accompanied by 40m of giant waves. Today the area remains poorly populated and it is rarely visited by tourists. The fishing town of Krui is the center of the coastal regional district, and it is the first village accessible by the internal road network that provides most of the services for locals and tourists alike. Further north, Jimmy’s Point has the best reputation among the breaks in the area: the left is long and cooing from the start while the right provides nice and fast waves but it is more difficult to reach. Pulau Pisang, also known as “Banana Island” is characterized by waves breaking along the sides of the island and it can only be reached by boat from Tambakak. This is undoubtedly a surf spot to check out during the rainy season as its orientation promote windless conditions. Krui is home to two good reefs: both are quality breaks that only break with rather impressive swells. On the outskirts of the city, Ujung Walur collects a lot of swells as the offshore winds blow: the ride is really short but those who manage to pass the fastest sections will be rewarded. It might be worth checking out the Mandiri beachbreak on windless mornings as it is one of the only spots that allows you to surf safely without shoes. The point at Karang Nyimbor is one of the main attractions and most of the surfer travelers stay here to enjoy the constant left often protected from the winds. With small swells it is a fairly quiet wave by Indonesian standards.

15 minutes further south you can find challenging waves. Way Jambu (Pear River) is much more challenging than Karang Nyimbor, many surfers will dare to jump into this powerful wave that breaks right above a sharp reef. Also called the Sumatran Pipeline, it is only suitable for the more experienced surfers and it is safer at high tide. Heading south you will arrive to Bali Village, a set of left and right overlooking a Balinese settlement. Despite being a very promising commercial, Siging only works well with the biggest swells; heading towards Benkunqut should be a better option as SE winds blow offshore. There are many hidden spots in the middle of the headlands towards Balimbing, at the tip of the Bankulen Peninsula: it is said that there is a good wave in the area but no road leads there. Surfing Engganno is a story of its own, to explore the promising beaches of this remote and deserted island, you need a boat. Try the best surf spots in Indonesia with us!

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureEl CaminoWisma Mustika
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 63€ 53


The Roaring Forties send a lot of 6-13ft swells from April to May. The SSW direction swells are perfect for the SW side. Out of season the sea is rarely flat as the southern part of the ocean actively produces 2-6ft swells. Cross-shore winds are a must (in fact Lampung means “place of the southern winds”). The SE winds season starts in May with weak winds getting stronger in the end of October. NW winds dominate for the rest of the year. Tide changes can affect some spots.


How to get there: A 60 days of visas can be obtained without paying (except for the Portuguese). Cheap flights land in Jakarta (CGK), many companies allow board transport. Fly from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung, then travel another 7h in the small Krui Putra bus and take the morning express bus from Pulo Gadung terminal to JKT (14h instead of 21h on the normal bus).

Getting around: You can take dirty cheap taxis line the shoreline but they are rare after 4pm. “Becaks” are just in town; these bike-cars are a nice and environmentally friendly way to cover short distances. You can find motorcycles for rent from $ 5 per day. Surf camps usually organize daily expeditions with the driver for not even $ 25.

Accommodation and food: Surfers scatter across the 3 campgrounds that provide a room and 3 meals a day for $ 15 (with basic comfort). Mr Zen Hotel Mutiara is the closest to the city and overlooks Ujung Walur. Karang Nyimbor Losmen is run by Andy and his wife, and overlooks the point. Next door, Ombak Indak (Big Rock 5) organizes all inclusive tours through Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventure.

Climate: The climate is tropical, therefore humid. The dry season (from May to October) is the best time to visit this area, as it is characterized by clear days with some small precipitation in the evening, and by weak winds from the southeast. The rainy season terrifies mountain dwellers and travelers as heavy rains, in addition to causing damage to small villages, can also disrupt organized trips. The strong humidity present in the air ehnance the presence of mosquitoes. The water temperature is high, therefore it is recommended to use shoes only to avoid cuts on the reef.


Nature and Culture: Although Lampung has been inhabited since prehistoric times don’t expect many cultural signs. It’s all nature: you will be surrounded by the Butik Barisan National Park. Walk the beautiful beaches, cycle from village to village, browse local markets in Krui or do activities such as fishing and snorkelling.

Dangers and Annoyances: Reefs are unavoidable especially at low tide. There is much garbage into the Krui River… you will understand why the rivermouths are off-limit after the rain. Malaria is a risk in Sumatra, so protect yourself with the appropriate repellents and prophylaxis.

Tips: This is not a tourist area, take everything with you! There is no bank to change money, no internet connection and no surf shop. You can find some wax in Ombak Indah. The water is warm but a short wetsuit will protect you against reef cuts and wind. English isn’t widely spoken, take the “Lonely Planet” booklet with Indonesian phrases and start learning something.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Jakarta € 462
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 420
  • Registration fee € 95
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