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Java (West)

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Java (West)

Despite numerous inspections, in the prevalence of the shoreline of the lands of Sumatra and Java there aren’t world-class spots found in their small offshore islands. The coastline is open to the same SW swells, but most of Sumatra is protected by offshore islands, while Java is mainly composed of dangerous black sand shorebreaks, where only a few reefs have formed. The final end of Java has excellent waves although, not far from there, it is possible to find first-class waves such as those of Panaitan Island. At the southwestern end of Ujung Genteng National Park, there is the port of Ujung Genteng where giants and intimidating lefts and rights break. A short distance to the north there is Mama’s which offers cheap accommodation and food, just across the left which breaks into the beach out front. We are waiting for you for a fantastic surfing holiday in Indonesia!

Further north, opposite the shrimp business, there are the fun lefts of Turtles: the often regular waves close in the last section in a rather low reef. One of the classic spots of the place is Ombak Tujuh, located just around the corner but only accessible by boat. Translated as “7 waves” it is definitely a big wave spot, capable of maintaining swell up to 16ft. There is a poor quality beachbreak that breaks with small swells: it is located in front of the famous Sumudra Hotel. When there is a good swell and Sumudra becomes close-out and with strong currents, conditions could be perfect for Loji, a few kilometers further south. This well-modeled left located on the rivermouth isn’t a dangerous wave, therefore it can be surfed by almost everyone. Most surfers head 8km north to Cimaja Beach. Here breaks an unforgettable right (popular with Jakarta locals) but rarely works as the whole surrounding area is home to numerous lefts. However the right-hand waves make it the most disputed spot in the surrounding area. The more experienced can paddle towards the tempting waves of Indicator, where a gun, a helmet and extra attention are recommended.

Batu Karang is a dangerous right that is only suitable for experts. Karang Haji is a quiet right hand wave perfect for longboarding, breaking between two rocks exposed to small swells. To the west of the Cimaja area there is the town of Baya, an empty version of Bali’s Kuta beach, with pushing beachbreaks and good rock lefts located to the east. Options are limited between Baya and the horseshoe-shaped islands of Panaitan in Ujung Kulon National Park. The biggest show here is the world famous One Palm Point; a left that holds one of the longest tubes on earth, before hitting the inside section which is certainly more affordable. The reef is very shallow and the wave is very dangerous and difficult to catch. Inside the same bay there is Inside, another left much quieter than the previous one. With the NW winds of the rainy season, a bunch of right-handers break in 3 different spots within the bay.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureHotel LagusaKetapang ResortLegon Pari Beach Resort
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 116€ 189€ 200


Roaring Forties send out many 6-13ft swell from April to October. The SSW swells are perfect for the SW facing coastal side. Even out of season this is rarely flat, due to the constant swells of the Southern Ocean, in the range of about 6ft. E-SE offshore winds start in April and last until October. November is a transitional month with winds blowing mainly towards the South. Towards the rainy season (from December to March) the winds move towards N-NW, in particular: W first and then NW. There is high and low tide every day which affects the quality of spot prevalence.

How to get there : Visa (see 29.Nias) Cheap flights to Jakarta, which is also Geruda’s hub for domestic flights. It takes 2h to get to Cimaja, 5h to Ulung Genteng. Airline Dep tax are $ 10. There are numerous ferries to / from Sumatra.

Getting around : Renting a car costs from $ 20 but be careful: you drive on the left and give way to larger vehicles. Renting a bemo (a minibus) with a driver is perhaps the best option. There is a lot of public transport around Pelabuhan Ratu. To reach Panaitan Island go to Marak and try to rent a boat for the trip (about 7-8 hours of navigation). Many small local boats get into trouble on the open sea, so the safest option is a charter yacht.

Accommodation and Food : In the 15km of beach from Pelabuhan Ratu to Cisolok there are many hotels. The “Sumadra” costs $ 60 per double. In Cimaja you can rent cheaper rooms from “Penginapan” and “Mustika Rat” Losmans. Mama’s Losmans in Unijung Genteng are really very cheap. There are no accommodations on Panaitan Island so you need a boat to stay overnight. Food is very cheap.

Climate : The climate in this area is purely tropical, therefore humid; the best time to come on holiday here is undoubtedly the dry season (from May to October). In this period the winds from the SE blow from the ground in almost all the spots, the sky is clear and the possibility of evening thunderstorms isn’t high. The rainy season (from November to April) is characterized by light drizzles in the morning and heavier rains in the afternoon… don’t be surprised if it rains for days without stopping. The water temperature is high, so you will need neoprene shoes to avoid cuts.

Nature and Culture : The Prahus (boats) in Palabuha Ratu pier are worth seeing. National Parks are home to strange and rare wildlife such as rhinos, snakes and tigers. You could go rafting in the Citarik River or bathing in the thermal springs of Cislok. You can also visit the tea plantations or accept a relaxing and inexpensive massage from one of the many local practitioners.

Dangers and Nuisances : The surf around Cimaja is quiet by Indonesian standards, but the sea urchins and crowds are not. Turtle’s inside close-outs could cause bad wipeouts. Avoid rivermouths after rain as hepatitis is common. Panaitan reefbreaks are dangerous. Malaria is common, so take the right precautions.

Practical advice : Unlike Bali, there aren’t many surf shops so bring everything you need. In the Panaitan area, also bring everything you might need for survival.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Flight to Jakarta € 462 (approximate cost)
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 420
  • Registration fee € 95
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