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Ericeira is another surfing paradise in Portugal. This area has numerous reefs, rock spots and bays that produce top quality waves such as Coxos. There is usually little protection from prevailing winds (unlike Peniche and Baleal) but when you want to surf really powerful and consistent waves you just have to get there. Sao Lourencao is a bay overlooking a rivermouth that produces right waves of up to 12 ft; it has been repeatedly compared to Hawaii’s Sunset Beach wave. Coxos is undoubtedly the best of Portuguese pointbreaks. This world-class quality tubing right breaks near a rocky ledge in a small bay, and when working to its full potential it gives out tubes that last 4-6 seconds. The rocks are very sharp, so getting in and out of the water is as difficult as riding this wave. Coxos can’t work at high tide and being a rather small spot, neither is overcrowding. On the opposite side of the bay there is Crazy Left, which, in those few days it breaks, offers a fast, powerful and quite dangerous wave. The next bay to the south is Ribeira D’Ilhas, one of the most popular spots for organizing contests in all of Portugal, thanks to its greater protection from the prevailing winds from the north than the other surrounding spots. Here you will find a very long right point or peaks scattered throughout the bay; it is difficult not to find a surfable peak, at least if the sea is not too thick, therefore impracticable. Further south of Ribehira is Reef, a tubing right wave suitable only for the more experienced. Thanks to the great difference in height between the oceanic depth and the reef near the bay, a small 3ft swell is enough to lift a tube of about 6ft. Immediately after there is Pedra Blanca (White Rock), a very fast wave crowded with bodyboarders. Once you reach the city of Ericeira, the quality of the waves decreases but despite this it is possible to find surfable peaks in the Praia do Norte area. Praia do Peixe offers fairly short rides into the harbor while Furnas is the only spot located in the city center. Both work with large swells from north and northwest. South of the city there is Lizandro who works with swells from southwest.

surfing Ericeira in Portugal

Portugal surf weather map

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The types of swells and winds that hit Ericeira are the same ones that also hit Peniche, but there is less chance of finding sheltered spots here during the windiest days. All spots receive offshore wind only when the wind blows from the E or SE, so summer is certainly the worst period to find perfect conditions. During the winter it will be necessary to drive along the coast to find a spot that works well, but at the end of the search anyone will be satisfied with the quality of the waves surfed. Fall is probably the best season to visit this area. Low tide can create dangerous circumstances in many spots.

How to get there : Australians need a visa. Peniche is about half an hour drive from Lisbon. TAP, the local airline, is “Surfboard Friendly” and offers a free ride for surfboards.

Getting around : The main roads are usually well maintained, but being very busy, driving could be quite dangerous. The Ericeira area is connected with a new highway to Lisbon. The buses are inexpensive and allow the transport of surfboards at no extra charge. Renting a car for a week costs on average € 160 (Auto Jardim). Since most of the spots are close to large sandy beaches, be careful not to get stuck with your car.

Accommodation and food: Apart from the high season (from June to September), finding accommodation in Ericeira / Ribamar is very simple. For information on where to sleep, just ask in the local restaurants or contact the Tourist Information Office. Ericeira has numerous guesthouses and hotels starting from € 20-25 per day. A meal costs around € 6.

Climate: The climate in Portugal is extremely pleasant all year round. The wet season runs from November to April. The best time to visit this area is in spring or autumn, although it is rare to have torrid and too hot summers. The N wind with the cold current coming from the Canaries, makes the water always cool enough, preventing the use of only the swimsuit for surfing. In fact, a 2 / 2mm wetsuit in summer and a 4 / 3mm one in winter will be necessary.

Nature and culture : Ericeira, as well as for surfing is famous for fishing and for the presence of numerous streets and churches characteristic of Portuguese culture. It is livable all year round thanks to its proximity to Lisbon. Don’t miss Sintra and the magical castle of the royal city nearby.

Dangers and annoyances: Rocks and reefs are much more dangerous than the phenomenon of localism per se, although in recent years this area has become very populated with surfers. Be careful where you park your car as thefts are quite common.

Tips: There are a couple of Surf shops in the city of Ericeira. Semente Surfboard is the most famous shaper in all of Portugal. This factory produces boards that are sold directly to customers at an average price of € 250. Peniche is only 1 hour away by car.


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  • Registration fee € 95
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