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Looking at the map of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines will make you aware of the surf potential this country offers. Located just outside the region of Luzon’s South Bicol (the main island), Catanduanes Island is in the Pacific Ocean and it appears to be an ideal swell magnet for NE typhoid swells. Ride the best waves in Southeast Asia with us, book your surf holiday in the Philippines now!

Idyllic photos of palm trees, white sand beaches with offshore right waves gave the Philippines the chance to become part of the surf spotlight. Majestics sounded like a perfect name, but the photos were still misleading as they didn’t show how fast and erratic the waves were. Many surfers were attracted by the photos and ended up spending weeks waiting for Majestics to start working. However, when it start working, it shows its full potential. The reason that Catanduanes Island is not as constant as expected could be because it lies just outside the influence of deep water in a canal and perhaps it needs more direct swells from the East, which are quite rare compared to standard swells from North and Northeast. Other factors that perhaps prevent you from surfing Majestics are the onshore winds and low tides that make the reef extremely shallow.

To surf in a safe way you must have at least 2-3ft swell in offshore winds; medium-high tide creates the best conditions for surfing. If conditions are too radical at Majestics, try Point B, a little further south, but be careful of the many exposed rocks. It can be a brilliant right, but it’s not for beginners. When Majestics and Point B are onshore, lefts in Moning should be working on the other tide. By renting a boat you could reach Lucky Point, between Point B and Moning. This is also a good right, which collects all the swells available. Days with big storms on the south coast cause some funny lefts to appear inside the port of Virac (Virac Harbor).

None of these spots is overcrowded, as there are few local surfers and all the others are foreigners. The island is large and it undoubtedly hides many spots. Rent a boat in Virac and go exploring.

The inconstancy of Catanduanes allows surfers to come across numerous explorations where spots have been discovered such as: Samar, Camarines, Siargao and the main island of Luzon, which has the popular spots. In Luzon, Charlie’s Point in Aurora Province is the best known wave, being the location for the surf clip in the movie “Apocalypse Now”. Potentially, the best spots in Luzon are found on the west coast around La Union near San Fernando.

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 242


The exposure of the swells is not the best as they come only from typhoons traveling in the W-NW direction towards Japan. They can form at any time but the prevalence occurs between July and November and the peak months are from August to October. There are an estimated 15-20 typhoons every year, each providing 2-4 days of swell between 3-8ft with swell peaks hitting 13ft. The best weather conditions are between July and October when the swells are cleaned by the offshore wind from the Southwest. From November the wind starts blowing with a NE direction becoming onshore. Despite this, this transition month still sees a substantial amount of swell. The NE monsoon brings only small onshore windswells. The period between May and June is characterized by SE winds which, blowing with a regular intensity, will never be excessively strong. The variation of the tides is wide and the prevalence of the surface reefs can be ridden at medium-high tide.

How to get there : Visas are required for stays longer than 21 days. The prevalence of international flights go to Manila, from here you take a connection to Legaspi and eventually a ferry to Virac, the main city of Catanduanes. There are direct flights to Virac with “Asian Spirit” but surfboards can be a problem. From Virac it is possible to take a local bus that reaches Puraran (Majestics) in 2h. Departure tax $ 20.

Getting around : This area mainly has only one spot, so you won’t have too many reasons to move. The prevalence of the coastline can be reached by foot, on muddy paths. Rent a boat to discover the hidden reefs; most of the east coast is not explored. Jeepneys are the prevailing local form of transportation.

Accommodation and Food : You can stay in one of the many stilt houses that overlook the surf. Puting Baybay to the north and Majestics Resort are sometimes recommended as surf camps. With $ 5 you should get a bed for the night. Food is also cheap, $ 2-3 for a basic meal.

The climate : The Philippines has a warm tropical climate all year round with days above 30 ° and nights rarely drop below 25 ° C. Depending on the area, the intensity of the rains changes: the further south and east you move, the more it will rain. Generally the year is divided into three seasons: the hot season from March to May, the rainy season from June to November and the cold season from December to February. The monsoon seasons are instead two: one from May to October with the monsoon from the southwest while the one from the north-east is from November to April. January is the coldest month while April is the hottest.

Nature and Culture : Don’t miss the 2,500m of the Mayon volcano near Legaspi. The beach here is one of the most beautiful in the world and its crystal clear water is perfect for excellent snorkeling. Climb the Putatan Pass for excellent panoramic views.

Dangers and annoyances : Reef cuts and malaria are the worst enemies. Be prepared for flat days – the line-ups are never crowded.

Tips : Don’t expect to find any surf equipment available. Local surfers, who are always friendly and careful, always appreciate new equipment.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Manila € 311
  • Airport fees subject to changes € 300
  • Registration fee € 95
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