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Surf holiday in Bali, a gem in Indonesia!

Here’s your chance to surf in Bali! “The Island of 1000 Temples” that locals believe blessed by the Gods. The Gods have certainly blessed the local surfers, as they live in a perfect tropical paradise. Although 30 years of tourism have dramatically transformed the landscape and line-ups, Bali remains an essential surfing experience. The quality and quantity of its surf can’t be denied, particularly if you include Grajagan’s legendary long left, a short boat ride away in the east end of Java. SW swells, which unwind steady lines around the Bukit Peninsula with straight offshore winds, create many world-class lefts, including Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Binging and Kuta Reef. There are also the quality beachbreak of Kuta and Legian and the right of the east part of the island such as Nusa Dua, Sanur and Shipwrecks in Nusa Lembongan. For the number of spots, it is obvious that Bali is a paradise for traveling surfers.

Uluwatu is one of the steadiest waves in Bali. Breaks into 3 sections, Inside Corner breaks right in front of the cave with small-medium swell conditions. This heads towards the Racetrack section which needs medium-high tide. Outside Corner’s low tide needs a nice overhead swell to start breaking. Uluwatu is generally dissected when small but connects with nice tubes in the center and towards Racetracks when the wave gets bigger.

Just to the north there is the rare Padang Padang , the scariest and the most desired barrier in Bali. It is always full of people and a small take-off area exaggerates the danger of the reef below.

Impossibles , as the name suggests, has 3 fast, rarely crowded sections. Bingin is best described as short, shaped and shallow. This is an area with fast take-offs and dry reefs that close at the end of this constant left known as “the garden tube”. Dreamland ends with a beautiful sandy beach with deep waters and it has the ultimate challenging wave of the Bukit Peninsula. Balangan is an average spot, constant and it offer two different peaks that work when the swell is larger. The tourist strip of Kuta-Legian holds up quality beachbreaks that are particularly well-followed by the community of local surfers who demand respect. It is a long stretch of beach, so it is always possible to avoid annoyances and crowding problems by choosing another peak. Kuta’s traffic chaos, street vendors, piles of garbage, and suspicious water quality are the negative sides of surfing in this area. Kuta and Airport Reef are good quality waves, always crowded and accessible by local canoes and long rows. To the north there are a couple of spots that are quite windy during lunchtime, such as the Canggu peaks. Medewi is an easy pointbreak, ideal for beginners or longboarders, During the rainy season (from November to April) the other side of Bukit sends massive right swells in Nusa Dua and fantastically steep right swells in Sanur . Nearby Lembongan Island is home to 3 good spots: Playground, a peak easy to ride, the precious right of Lacerations and the fun high tide right of Shipwreaks. Starting from Bali, it is very easy to plan a trip to “the best wave in the world”, the legendary Grajagan , or G-Land . The long and super constant wave is made up of 4 sections: Kong’s, Money Trees, Launching Pad and Speedies. This wave will test even the best surfers’ skills as the long walls turn into deep, meaty tubes.

The bigger it is, the more beautiful G-Land is as the sections connect and the tubes remain open. Both surfcamps (Jungle and Jo-Jo’s) are connected to the tip of the dense jungle, home to panthers, monkeys and snakes that visit the campsites for a nighttime snack. Other spots like Tiger Tracks or Tanjung Kucur require a long walk in the jungle to reach them.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureEasy Surf DachaAlia Home SanurSwiss Bellhotel Pecatu
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 137€ 74€ 189


SW 3-13ft swells are constant in the months between April and November, frequent in the wet season or off-season when these coasts can be affected by 2-6.5ft swells and occasional 8,5-11ft tropical cyclones. The swells are concentrated in the Bukit Peninsula due to the depth of the canals on both sides of Bali. The SE wind season is usually from April to October but the transitional months (October-November) can have winds that swing mainly from the south. Winds then tend to move towards W-NW during the rainy season. Tide tables are posted on the windows of surf shops. There is a small and large tide every day, and some spots only work during a certain tide range.

How to get there : Despansar Airport (Kuta) is the major hub for international flights. Boats leave for Nusa Lemongan from Sanur / Benoa and take approximately 1h30 ($ 7). G-Land can be reached by fast boat or sailing yacht from the port of Benoa.

Getting around : The cost of renting a motorcycle starts at $ 5 per day. Shoulder bags for boards are essential. Driving conditions are dangerous. Crazy Bemo (taxi) drivers are everywhere. Renting a Suzuki 4WD costs $ 25 per day. The new paved roads have easy access to the breaks.

Accommodation and food : You can find cheap and good quality accommodation in Legian. Losmans cost $ 5- $ 25 per day, while exclusive resorts cost $ 20- $ 100 / double. Nusa Dua has only luxury resorts. In Uluwatu it is possible to stay above the spot for $ 5 per day or in the Bali Cliff Resort for $ 110 per double.

Climate: Bali has a tropical climate with two seasons: the dry season (from May to September) is very sunny and with relatively mild trade winds (28 ° C). The rainy season (from November to March) has temperatures that go above 30 ° C but with a lot of humidity. During the day you may have regular and weak rains in the afternoon, or heavy storms with long duration. January and February are the wettest months but despite this you will still need a high protection sunscreen.

Nature and Culture : Unusual for Indonesia, the Balinese are Hindus and have a fascinating culture on the island. Among the main tourist spots off the beaten path we find the artistic village of Udud, the sunrise over Lake Batur and the volcanic peak of Agung Mountain that dominates the landscape. There are also temples, shops and nice restaurants serving international food and local Indonesian meals. The nightlife in Kuta is something unique.

Dangers and annoyances : Malaria is prevalent in G-Land, but not in Bali. Be careful of thieves, scammers and the shallow reef. Dugongs can pop up in line-ups, but they are harmless. It is possible to find Tiger Sharks and Black Tip Sharks living around the G-Land reef. The fishing is good and no surfer has ever been attacked.

Practical advice : There are around 20 large and well-stocked surf shops, but it’s better to bring your own equipment. Learn a few Indonesian words (they are easy to grasp). Watch out for prostitutes who are often not what they seem !!!!

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 AUD

Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Flight to Bali € 520 (indicative cost)
  • Airport taxes subject to changes € 350
  • Registration fee € 95
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